UGC NET Dec 2013 Answer Keys available

ugc net answer keys dec 2013UGC NET Answer Keys

UGC National Eligibility Test was conducted on 29th Dec, 2013. The exam is conducted twice a year. Earlier the exam was conducted on 30th June, 2013 & 8th Sept (re-conducted in Delhi & Ranchi). The exam is successfully conducted at all its centres. The timings for exam were :

Paper I & II – 9:30 am to 12:00 noon

Paper III – 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm

The hall ticket was necessary for admission to examination hall. The doors of the hall opens 30 mins before the exam. No candidate is permitted to appear for the test if he/she is late by more than 20 mins.

A candidate is not allowed to appear for Paper II and III if he/she doesn’t appear for Paper I. There will be no Negative Marking in Paper I, II & III.

NOTE: Using whitener/remover and double circle darkening is strictly not permitted. If a candidate did so, he will be right away disqualified from the exam.

UGC NET Answer Keys Dec 2013:

A total of 3 papers were conducted :
Paper I, Paper II and Paper III

Paper I consisted of General Paper on Teaching and Research Aptitude
and Paper II and III consisted of the subjects given below:

01  Economics / Rural Economics /Co-operation / Demography / Development Planning/ Development Studies / Econometrics/ Applied Economics/Development Eco./Business Economics
02 December 2013 Political Science
03 Philosophy UGC NET Answer Keys Dec 2013
04 2013 Psychology
05 Sociology
06 History
07 Anthropology
08 Commerce
09 Education UGC NET Answer Keys Dec 2013
10 Social Work
11 Defence and Strategic Studies
12 Home Science
14 Public Administration
15 Population Studies
16 Music
17 Management including Business Admn. Mgt./Marketing/ Marketing Mgt./Industrial Relations and Personnel Mgt./ Personnel Mgt./Financial Mgt./Co-operative Management)
18 Maithili
19 Bengali
20 Hindi UGC NET Answer Keys Dec 2013
21 Kannada
22 Malayalam
23 Oriya UGC NET Answer Keys Dec 2013
24 Punjabi
25 Sanskrit
26 Tamil
27 Telugu
28 Urdu
29 Arabic
30 English
31 Linguistics
32 Chinese
33 Dogri
34 Nepali
35 Manipuri
36 Assamese
37 Gujarati UGC NET Answer Keys Dec 2013
38 Marathi
39 French (French Version)
40 Spanish
41 Russian
42 Persian
43 Rajasthani
44 German UGC NET Answer Keys Dec 2013
45 Japanese
46 Adult Education/ Continuing Education/ Andragogy/ Non Formal Education.
47 Physical Education
49 Arab Culture and Islamic Studies
50 Indian Culture
55 Labour Welfare/Personnel Management/Industrial Relations/ Labour and Social Welfare/Human Resource Management
58 Law
59 Library and Information Science
60 Buddhist, Jaina, Gandhian and Peace Studies UGC NET Answer Keys Dec 2013
62 Comparative Study of Religions
63 Mass Communication and Journalism
65 Performing Art – Dance/Drama/Theatre
66 Museology & Conservation
67 Archaeology
68 Criminology
70 Tribal and Regional Language/Literature
71 Folk Literature UGC NET Answer Keys Dec 2013
72 Comparative Literature
73 Sanskrit traditional subjects including) Jyotisha/Sidhanta Jyotish/ Navya Vyakarna/ Vyakarna/ Mimansa/ Navya Nyaya/ Sankhya Yoga/ Tulanatmaka Darsan/ Shukla Yajurveda/ Madhav Vedant/ Dharmasasta/ Sahitya/ Puranotihasa /Agama).
74 Women Studies
79 Visual Art including Drawing & Painting/Sculpture Graphics/Applied Art/History of Art)
80 Geography
81 Social Medicine & Community Health
82 Forensic Science
83 Pali
84 Kashmiri
85 Konkani
87  Computer Science and Applications
88 Electronic Science UGC NET Answer Keys Dec 2013
89 Environmental Sciences
90 Politics including International Relations/International Studies including Defence/Strategic Studies, West Asian Studies, South East Asian Studies, African Studies, South Asian Studies, Soviet Studies, American Studies.
91 Prakrit
92 Human Rights and Duties
93 Tourism Administration and Management.
94 Bodo UGC NET Answer Keys Dec 2013

The candidates can check the official UGC NET answer keys Dec 2013 in 22nd February 2014. The answer keys can be checked below. Keep visiting us for more information. You may also like us on social media.

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The keys are available upto 3-3-2014 (midnight). After that the final Answer key will be uploaded here. Candidates are encouraged to discuss their views on answer keys in comments.

If you have any queries regarding UGC NET Answer keys, do let us know, drop down a comment.

100 thoughts on “UGC NET Dec 2013 Answer Keys available

  1. javaid ahmad padder

    i am net aspirant.i want to know fun behind asking students to anwser hindi examiners want to asses the comprehension of students in hindi?if so then there should be a passages in other languages too.

  2. Sanjoy R. Pramanjk

    I would like to share my suggestion on ugcnet exam. Presently it is in the objective mode…..but the objective mode just tests our retension power of memory… would be better if a passage is given and comprehensive ability of the examinees is tested……..further, the objective mode of exam can be used as an elimination test ( may be called’ preliminary exam) and then main broad-answer-based written exam may be taken for the preli-passed examinees…..

  3. Sanjoy R. Pramanjk

    I can’t find the answer-key on this site….how and where can I find the answer-key of English of December 2013 ugcnet exam……please help


    Arabic key paper 3rd dec 2013
    1 B 41 D
    2 A 42 D
    3 C 43 A
    4 A 44 B
    5 D 45 C
    6 A 46 C
    7 A 47 A
    8 A 48 B
    9 C 49 D
    10 A 50 C
    11 A 51 A
    12 B 52 B
    13 D 53 B
    14 B 54 D
    15 B 55 C
    16 A 56 A
    17 B 57 A
    18 A 58 B
    19 C 59 D
    20 B 60 C
    21 A 61 B
    22 D 62 C
    23 C 63 A
    24 A 64 D
    25 B 65 B
    26 B 66 C
    27 D 67 A
    28 C 68 B
    29 A 69 D
    30 C 70 A
    31 B 71 D
    32 D 72 C
    33 A 73 A
    34 D 74 B
    35 C 75 A
    36 C
    37 D
    38 B
    39 A
    40 C

  5. d nizam

    Please provide /give dec29,2013 net key earlier because Alot people waiting for apply assistant proffeser
    In different universities and some people waiting for promotions.
    Heartly request you to Please help unemployees and declare dec29,2013. Net key results.

    Thank you sir/madam

    Yours faithfully,
    D. Nizam

  6. Dimple

    hello sir,
    please let me know the key answers of management paper of test booklet code Y .. send me the link,need to check the answers

  7. Akshatha

    sir kindly send me the answer key for second and third paper of English and also the answer key for general paper of test booklet code x.

  8. lavanya bala

    hello sir,
    please let me know the key answers of management paper of test booklet code z .. send me the link,need to check the answers

  9. phaomei samuel

    kindly send me the answer key of general paper for arts(paper -1) and sociology paper -2&3 of December 29 , net exams 2013.

  10. sushma kumari

    Hello Sir/Mam
    please send me the answer key of paper hindi 2nd and 3rd and also paper 1st booklet code x.. For this act of kindness I shall ever remain greateful….


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